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Why I have embraced Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic.

In my teens (early 1980s) I was encouraged towards sciences and that included chemistry. In my social life myself and my friendswent through our ‘social awareness’ phase, hippy clothes and many visits to Covent Garden because after all that’s where it was ALL at. We discovered this little shop tucked away with really cool blue bottles ….. this was my first brush with NYR.

My twenties saw me working for a duty free company and my influences were somewhat different, fashion and latest perfumes, black, colours and cosmetics were in abundance.

After a brief period in the Pharmaceutical industry, Ink manufacturing and packaging where petro chemicals were prevalent, I made a career change and ventured off to university to become a Chiropractor.

It was here that my awareness of those early social conscience issues and life style choices were rekindled.  One of my friends gave me NYR products as a birthday gift but old habits and a stock pile of products meant that I didn’t embrace them.

Last year one of the Mums at school told me that she was a Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic consultant which gave her a way to earn, whilst enjoying all the wonderful benefits of the products themselves. I had a party and realising that the products weren’t really that expensive, as a little really does go a long way, I signed up to get the benefits myself and share these benefits with my patients by using them in my clinic. (So I am now not just Chiropractor but also NYR Organic Independant Consultant Bridget Bath).

The company has been granted the World’s first 100% rating for ethics in the class of Health and Beauty by the Ethical Company Organisation’s Good Shopping Guide. Some more of their achievements include being the UK’s first certified organic health and beauty company; UK’s first high street retailer to sell certified organic essential oils; World’s first company to produce Soil association certified cosmetics; World’s first carbon neutral high street retailer; Market leader in organic health and beauty in the UK and internationally. Wow! This isn’t the complete list either.



Initially I struggled with the idea of having ’beauty’ products to offer but in a rare light bulb moment I realised that beauty using products with no nasties in them is good/better for your health and helps to not over stress our already stretched immune systems, plus with the wonderful range of supplements and teas beauty from within is in being well and healthy which helps you towards true radiance.

The products I favour at Greenacres Chiropractic Centre are obviously those that support my treatment regimes and the conditions that bring my patients in to see me. Plant Therapy creams, Herbal salves (Arnica being the one I use the most) but above all Create lotion and hand & body wash are favourites with my patients.  Patients come to me with aches and pains but sometimes they are accompanied by other symptoms such as contact dermatitis, psoriasis and dry skin and one patient just by changing to the Create wash(vegetable-based, fragrance free cleanser) improved his entire skin’s condition not just obviously affected areas. Of course there is a high quality Organic Virgin Coconut Oil in the range for both consumption, cooking and cosmetic use.

The supplements and herbal remedies are also exceptional quality and value. A personal favourite is the Organic Elderberry Syrup made from antioxidant-rich, free radical fighting elderberries suitable for adults and children over 12 months. I supper boost my vit C by having a Multi vit and mineral capsule with orange juice and a dash of Elderberry syrup in it as part of my breakfast every day.

I am going to close now with the thoughts of Peter Kindersley Chairmanand owner of NYR and NYR Organic…‘Healthy, organic living has long been a passion of mine. My motto is ‘soil not oil’ – the goodness of natural, sustainable ingredients grown from healthy soil, not synthetic ingredients made by man from toxin contaminated oil.’  I am fast embracing his passion too.

If you are interested in the range, the ethicsor even joining and would like to have a look on line you can do so here uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/bridgetbath


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