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These tutorials are intended for people with mild or moderate conditions. If you have 10/10 pain, changed sensation in your limbs or saddle area, weakness to the extent that you can not weight bear or lift a kettle or you have problems with your bowel or bladder function, have recently had surgery or a known condition that may be aggrevated SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY OF THESE EXERCISES.

Lower back exercise ‘Tummy in on the Out Breath’ or Co-contraction exercise.

This exercise is designed to help stabilise a weak back and prevent further injury and pain. The more often you do it the better, so I suggest that you do this each time you change your activity. Stand with you feet hip distance apart. Place your hands on your waist so that they follow the curve of your pelvis and your index fingers rest on the prominent boney bits at the front either sid eof your tummy button. Now just moving your pelvis, NOT your knees or waist, tuck your tail under and then back gently so that you can come back half way to neutral. if you are too far forward you will have a crease at your wrist at the front and if you are too far back a crease at the back of your wrist.Ok, so now you are ready to do the exercise. Imagine you have a string attached between the inside of your tummy button and a point between your shoulder blades. Take a breath in and then as you breath out shorten that string. You should feel the muscles either side of your lower back tighten.

Gentle Neck Stretches

If you have a stiff and restricted neck this is a very simple and gentle way to get moving again. You can do this exercise seated or standing.You should not attempt these if you have had an impact injury, a fall on out stretched arm or a blow to the head or neck. Seek medical advice first.

Each movement should be done gently and slowly. If you are sat in a chair just take a moment to think of your posture. Is your bottom pushed back into the chair, back and thighs supported and your feet both flat on the floor? Ok. Now I bet those shoulders are forward take a moment to roll them back and hold them there. you are now ready.

Gently drop your chin to your chest. Take it as far as you start to feel a pull, hold it for a few seconds(max 10) and return to the start position. Repeat 3 times each time trying to go just a little further.  You should feel a stretch down the mid line may be as far as between your shoulder blades.

Now tilt your head to the side lets go right first (this stretches the left side), take your right ear as far as is comfortable to your right shoulder. You should feel the stretch on the left across the top of your shoulder line. Again hold for a few seconds as above. Repeat again taking it just that little bit further each time x3. Now repeat the process for the left side, tilting the ear towards the left shoulder.

This next stretch is a combination movement. So again lets start on the right. Imagine you are stood on a grid, or cross roads and your spine is where the 4 lines cross, your nose is pointing along the forward line and your shoulders along the leaft and right lines. You need to imagine a line from your spine half way between the line of your nose and right shoulder or at 45 degrees. Keeping your nose forward and trying not to look down too much tilt your head along that new imaginary line. This should give you a stretch from the lower neck in a line between your left shoulder and your spine. Again repeat x3 trying to go just a little further each time.

You can now combine all the movements again slowly and avoid tipping your head back so start with your head tilted to your right shoulder gently roll your head around so that your chin comes to your chest and then your ear towards  your left shoulder and back  x3. WITHOUT HAVING BEEN ASSESSED OR SOUGHT MEDICAL ADVICE FIRST, DO NOT EXTEND YOUR NECK.