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My Own Personal Testimony to Chiropractic

Chiropractic was life changing for me!

My first interaction with Chiropractic was 22+ years ago. I had been suffering with regular headaches which appeared to be migrainous for over 7 years and they were getting worse. I would have 2-3 days every 4-6 weeks where I couldn’t bear bright lights, my head was pounding and all I wanted to do was to retreat into a dark room lay down and sleep. I found that swimming which I loved became something that aggravated it, so too driving, working on the computer and answering the telephone all important roles in my work, played their part in making my life headache driven. I was on regular medication from the GP and the next step was tranquilisers.

At the time I was working in a sales office of a big company based in a village in West Sussex with no regular bus service, so driving was a must. Telephone and computer work made up 90% of my working day and I was getting desperate. My supervisor suggested I see a Chiropractor and so off I went a little nervously to find out what it was all about.

I had a thorough examination and an in depth case history was taken, I was also booked in for x-rays of my neck. I remember clearly being told to hold my head straight to take the films but in my mind my head was straight! I booked the next appointment and had everything explained to me that my neck had undergone marked degenerative changes and was equivalent to that of a 45 year old. Still in my 20’s I was aghast. I had a long chat with the Chiropractor who explained what could be done and how and all the risks involved. Reeling with all the information I went home to talk it all over with my husband who was fed up with having a wife with a sore head more often than not! I booked my appointment and started treatment.

I admit to being very apprehensive having this lovely man with very large strong hands cradle my head and neck and then twist everything swiftly. The noise was loud and it did shock me but I was still alive and my head hadn’t fallen off. I felt strangely as if a weight had been lifted. I was given advice to use an ice pack regularly and recoiled at the thought but decided that I should do as I was told. It was remarkable. I hadn’t realised that I had had restriction in my neck and that I had been recruiting the whole of my back to turn to park the car!

Gradually with regular treatment over about six months I got progressively better. The appointments became further apart and I was in control of my headaches. The episodes where I needed a darkened room became fewer and eventually disappeared. Chiropractic saved me from a life time of prescribed drugs and probably redundancy as tranquilisers don’t mix well with driving.

That Chiropractor suggested to me that I think about becoming a chiro’ myself.  I thought he was barking initially. Then I moved area and found a new chiropractor. She treated me in a very similar way and I wouldn’t be without her treatment on a regular basis. The company I was with closed and I was made redundant and strangely this chiropractor also made the same suggestion. I didn’t think that I could do it but with her help and guidance I made an application to the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and the rest as they say is history.

Chiropractic has become my way of life. I wish I had known about it before as a patient and followed straight from school into the profession.




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