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How to Succeed at New Year Resolutions.

New Year Resolutions!

Reading several posts, blogs and e-mails in the last couple of weeks I thought I’d share with you a combination of a few. Often resolutions focus on health issues and I am sure that many of you have already turned your thoughts to this subject but may have not had good experiences in the process of achieving them in the past. Here are a few positive steps to take. I don’t claim them as my own but have amalgamated a few.

Many ‘resolutions’ have one of the following themes – I am going to:-
 Loose weight     Get fit    Get healthy     Change my eating habits    …..put your own here.

Very soon despite all best intentions we have failed, defeated by time, money, demands put on us by family, work etc all the usual enemies to success. It is believed that 25% of us fail in the first week and 50% within 6 months. So don’t beat yourself up you are so not alone but lets see if we can work out a better way to do things.


To have a better chance of success we need to reframe our perception of what we are doing. Rather than giving ourselves the challenge of a resolution we should give ourselves goals and trick ourselves into believing that we are making things ‘irresistible’. Here are a few simple steps to help you succeed if the goal is do do with diet. There is NO time scale on this, make sure you are comfortable with the first step before you move on.

1. Instead of saying I am going to remove something from my diet, start by introducing the things you are going to replace that thing with before you remove it. So if you are juicing add it to your day as a snack or addition to breakfast. You will soon find that what ever you used to have is not needed. The nutrition in a well concocted smoothie will fill you up and you will start to feel better. Don’t forget fresh is best but frozen gluts of fruit from the summer will do very well and they make it look less inviting but do add greens.
2. Eat raw when you can aim to eat a large fresh salad every day. The recommendation is 12 raw veg YES 12! Include some herbs and seeds for texture and additional flavour. Season it with pepper, turmeric and garlic for synergistic health benefits but any seasoning you like really to make it different or more interesting on a daily basis. If you work make up a big container of it and munch on it as the day goes on, it will help stop you from reaching for the chocolate and biscuits.
3. Now you are starting to feel the benefits have a clear out of those no, noes in the cupboard, processed foods, artificial colours, preservatives, foods with high sugar content, trans fats and you know the rest…on my hit list caffeine, aspartame and other unnatural sugars. Eat whole, real foods organic if at all possible. Add a healthy treat Cranberry and Stevia / Truvia Lemonade is a good suggestion (recipe below). You may at this point be in March or June or even the autumn months. No pressure!
4. You are well on the way to feeling so much better now eating healthier more nutritious food. Step it up AIM for 80% raw. More Vegetables than fruit to avoid too many sugars. If you need help with this I can recommend a very knowledgeable lady Marina Banks at Rock Star Raw for anything to do with healthy eating and nutrition.
5. Detox time…so much easier and better for you in the spring and summer . Best around the equinoxes of the year and ridding your body of the parasites, yeast, heavy metals, chemicals, and other garbage that doesn’t belong. Water often plays a big part of this step. Water is so important you should ladies be drinking 2lt and gents 2.5lt daily anyway. Make it a little more interesting with a slice of fruit steeped in it. Drink a further glass for every caffeinated drink, cigarette or unit of alcohol. (See previous blog ‘The Importance of Water’).
6. Squats! This is the bit where you step up your exercise. You have probably been feeling great for a while now and increased you exercise naturally if not start with just a few squats and work up to 100 daily. Not all in one go if you don’t have enough time, do a couple in between your daily activities throughout the day.

The power of the mind is incredible as you embark on this process imagine how good you will feel, what you will be able to do and how confident you will feel at the end. Visualise it. Live it in your mind as if it is NOW. The more you do this the more your brain will believe you are already there and the easier it will be to reach your GOAL and there you have achieved your resolution. Good luck with whatever you goal is.

Of course if your GOAL is to be free of joint pain then give me a call on 01733 254239 or use the on line booking button above.
Cranberry Stevia Lemonade
• Cranberries
• Water
• Apples
• Stevia
• Lemon or Cinnamon
1. Prepare fruit, wash cranberries and roughly chop the apples into chunks discard the core but leave the skin on.
2. Boil 3 cups of water and add the fruit to the water
3. Cover and simmer for about 10 mins (until the fruit is soft and the berries will burst easily).
4. Add Stevia/Truvia to taste…don’t forget this is slightly sweeter than sugar. .At this point add your additional flavours cinnamon or lemon is suggested.
5. Transfer to a blender or juicer. Mix till smooth and the colour is even.
6. Sieve in a gauze for a clear drink.
7. Enjoy
Benefits of
Cranberries…well they are low calorie (25 in half a cup), high in antioxidants, contain vit C and E and several minerals and trace elements and fibre. (These are more prevalent in the raw state).
Turmeric…an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
Garlic …Low calorie source of vit C, B6, manganese and has other minerals too. It has been shown to lessen the effects of cold and flu like symptoms, it is thought to help reduce high blood pressure in those with a known condition and to combat high cholesterol. The antioxidant properties are thought to help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimers’ disease, improve athletic performance, prolong life, aid detoxifying the body of lead and may improve bone health in women by increasing estrogen.
Pepper …improves digestion and promotes intestinal health.

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