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Don’t Run before you can Walk!

The Olympics can’t help but have inspire us to have a go or increase our exercise levels. Healthcare professionals encourage daily exercise and I am no different. However don’t run before you can walk! Don’t try to run a marathon without entering into a structured training programme and warming up and cooling down pre and post exercise. Muscles and joints are most vulnerable when asked to work in a way we haven’t before or at least not for a long while. Build exercise regimes up slowly. 20 mins daily is a good place to start. Begin gently but enough to raise your heart rate; brisk walking, jogging, swimming or gardening. Be aware of your limitations.  If you carry excess weight, start by walking, building gradually and loose some weight first before you sign up for exercise classes that look like such fun. If you start exercising and end up in pain, listen to your body. It may go away with time but is just as likely to return unless you get it sorted. It is difficult for the lay-person to identify whether pain originates from joints, muscles or both so my advice would be play it safe. Use an ice pack rather than heat, especially when dealing with back pain.

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