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A-Z of Treatment Techniques Used at Greenacres Part 1


The activator is a small hand held instrument which delivers a specific and measured impulse to a very specific area, without being stretched or taking any awkward positions. This is a preferred method of adjusting for patients who are frail, unable to move very well at all or who have an underlying medical condition where a normal Chiropractic adjustment would be contra indicated. It is specifically useful on shoulders, clavicles (collar bones), wrists and feet and with patients who don’t like being man handled.

  • Small hand held instrument
  • Delivers specific, measured impulse to a specific area
  • Good for small, frail patients and children
  • Ideal for small joints like wrists and feet
  • Sometimes an option when underlying health issues contra indicate Chiropractic adjustments.
  • Good for those who don’t like sudden, movements.



Adjustment is the term given by chiropractors to the manual impulses that they put into your joints. They are done by hand and involve positioning you in a way that allows access to the required joint, in a safe way but that will allow a force to be applied swiftly in the direction of pain, restriction and normal movement. This involves hand contact over the area and quick movements or the Chiropractor’s hands and arms and for low back problems often requires them to lean over you and to drop across and in front of you in a twisting action. These’ adjustments’ often cause a ‘pop’ or a ‘crack’. This is normal, but does not always happen. The treatment is the stretch into the joint structures NOT the noise. The noise is just gas bubbles moving around within the joints. Every joint has a gas bubble naturally which acts as a buffer for movement. If we move wrongly or over stretch the gas bubble can divide up and when stretched by an adjustment be pushed back together creating a noise (similar to the effect of thunder…changes in pressure creating the noise).This is not always the case and thus not ALL adjustments are noisy.

These adjustments should be no more than uncomfortable for the briefest of moments. If you feel uncomfortable or feel pain, then tell your Chiropractor as they are putting you in position.


  • Adjustment – manual high speed impulse into or across a joint.
  • Done by hand.
  • Patient is positioned manually by the chiropractor.
  • Sometimes noisy but the treatment is the stretch NOT the noise.
  • It should be no more than ‘uncomfortable’.