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Greenacres Chiropractic Centre will manage your aches and pains
and help you to stay mobile.

We provide a professional and friendly approach to the diagnosis and treatment
of disorders of the bones, muscles and joints.

Conditions we can help ease



The most common tension headaches are often the result of stress or bad posture which restricts the spine and muscles in the upper back and neck…

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Back pain


Chiropractic adjustments will encourage the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis, or upper back and neck to re align in to normal motion and position…

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Joint pain


I use a combination of treatments - typically stretching, strengthening, adjusting and application of ice or heat…

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Chiropractic can help ease the symptoms of back aches and pains.

If you suffer from back pain, headaches, joint or muscular aches and stiffness then chiropractic may be the answer you are looking forinstead of pain killers and anti inflammatory treatments. Good mobility is important to all of us but from time to time our muscles and joints sustain injuries from standing or sitting for long period; trapped nerves or torn muscles from over exertion, playing sports; slipped disc from carrying heavy items, impact injuries or general bad posture. It happens to most of us at some pointin our lives so specific specialised treatment of the affected area, helps to reposition any out of place structures, enabling the body to repair itself.

Meet the Chiropractor


"I take great care to ensure that my patients receive the same high level of care which I have experienced. Taking my time to answer questions where ever I can and to explain to and reassure patients regarding their condition. Treatment of an ache or pain may require more than one approach and may also require the patient to do work on themselves at home in the form of exercise or nutritional changes. For those who are wary of the traditional 'clicks' and 'pops' associated with Chiropractic treatment, I have several other more gentle techniques to offer. Chiropractic is a safe form of treatment for all the family when practiced by well trained hands. The eldest patient I have treated to date was over 90 and the youngest less than six months old. I look forward to meeting and if I can, helping you."

Bridget M. Bath Bsc(Hons)Chiro; DC; LRCC
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